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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! With Laura and her expertise in posing, artistic knowledge of composition and contagious joy that will have you relaxed and feeling yourself, you can be sure to feel confident in front of the camera and know that your whole day will be beautifully captured in a romantically artistic way. 

The Laura Tjpkes wedding experience is more than incredible photography, but a joyful and exciting
adventure that you and your spouse will remember and cherish forever!

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Marriage is a very big deal to me, and I love how weddings elegantly celebrate such a beautiful commitment you are making to your partner for the rest of your life.  I find so much inspiration and beauty from each couple's love story and it is my passion to create breathtaking photography that represents each couple authentically!

It is my mission to give you the confidence in knowing your special day will be documented in the most dreamy and timeless way and that I will go above and beyond to make you feel at ease.

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My favorite part of the LTP experience was definitely how personable Laura was and how comfortable she made us feel from start to finish. She was not only our photographer, but she helped me with other decisions throughout the wedding planning process. Lastly, our photos turned out amazing and we received them quickly. We love them all!

What was your favorite part of the LTP experience?


Venue : Highland Convention Center

Hailey Johnson

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Definitely go with Laura! She makes the day fun and keeps the schedule on track. She knows what pics to take and the best timing to take them! She was my rock on our wedding day and kept things going so smoothly!

If someone was on the fence about being a LTP bride what would you tell them?


Venue : Emerald Pines

Jecelyn Thorne

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You get to be YOU!! I got to be my outgoing self that day. I still got to interact with my friends and Laura. You don’t get many moments with just your spouse and wedding party after those pictures are taken. Laura just let us enjoy each other’s company and embrace it.

What do you feel a LTP bride is like?


Venue : Holiday Inn Brandon,SD

Andrea Wendland

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My most cherished and favorite part of the LTP experience was how hands on, intentional and genuine Laura was. She gave me all the tips and pointers, always offered to help me in any way she could to make my wedding easier, and was very intentional about her doing what she could to make sure I knew my opinion mattered when it came to photo ideas, poses etc!

What was your favorite part of the LTP experience?


Venue :  Laurel Ridge Barn

Anna Weaver

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I would describe a LT bride to be someone who wants to enjoy their day as much as possible without having to worry about every little thing. Laura is so great about making sure everything is going smoothly and makes sure she captures every picture and moment that she can.

What do you feel a LT bride is like? 


Venue :  Ramada (Mitchell, SD)

Morgan Wormstadt

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I cant' wait to walk with you on this journey to the biggest day of your life! Not only to capture it in the most elegant way, but help you with resources & more to make it better than you could possibly imagine!

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