If you're looking for a wedding photographer, 

who will go above and beyond

to become a valuable teammate for your wedding day...
I'm your girl!

To capture your beautiful
 love in the most exquisite way

It is my mission and passion

No matter the venue or price tag of the wedding, love is elegantly beautiful and that's what I'm passionate about authentically capturing! My expertise in lighting and artistic ability to create beautiful compositions that photograph well is just a component of how  I  create breathtaking  photos that look like they should be on the cover of a magazine.!

You want to know the real secret? It's your love.  It radiates through the way you look at each other for the first time. The way you can make each other laugh. Those are the moments I look for and am so inspired by. Marriage has always been so important to me. I consider it an honor to photograph the day you say I do in a way that when you look back 50 years from now, that same elegantly timeless  love still shines through each photograph.

Let's connect

It all started in middleschool

I always used to have those plastic yellow and black camera and would take photos all the time. I would take them in to get developed and hang them up all over my walls in my room. 


For my career, I had different plans

For my future I always saw myself working in the medical career field. So I went off to college got Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Sioux Falls in 2013. 


my first son was born
& everything changed

Right after graduating we had our first child (Lincoln). I knew working in the medical career field wasn't going to work for our family. It killed me being away from him all day and realizing our children wouldn't spend much time with his parents at all.


I picked up my "fancy" Camera

After 3 years of being a stay at home mom, I picked up my fancy camera that I'd had been gifted for my wedding day. (I always wanted to take great photos of my family) And now it was time I finally learn how!


reluctantly fell in love with wedding photography

As I happily started to chase my dream of photography, I was very adiment that I was NOT going to be a wedding photographer...Well that all changed when my friend begged me to second shoot a wedding with her in 2018 and that was it. I was IN LOVE and have been shooting weddings ever since!!


overjoyed to be capturing love & legacy

6 years later and I sometimes have to pinch myself. I love my job and I am so passionate about creating dreamy photos that you are excited to hang in your home and keep in an heirloom album for generations to look at! What an honor!


my journey

Cares about each couple's unique love story

Loves to have fun and celebrate with her clients!

Goes above and beyond her photography role to make sure your day is perfect!

Is very organized and punctual

Laura is a photographer who

I am

5 feet 


My husband and I met on a 

blind date

We enjoy working on 

home projects

(We have almost remodeled our whole house!)


I love


and I don't think I could live without one

My favorite show is

Game of thrones

I will choose 

Caribou coffee

(Medium caramel high rise hot is my go to!)

over Starbucks 

I've always wanted to be a mom of a 

big family

I played golf for

2 different colleges

My favorite candy bar is 


fun facts

Now it's time for the

Let's see what we have in common! 

Love & Legacy

my mission and purpose is

From the time I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a mama and have a really big family full of laughter, love and FUN! I also loved taking photos back then as a middle schooler, but photographs didn't hold the same value as they do now. Now that I am a mom, it's been mind blowing to see my children grow so fast! Before you know it, they are in a new season! Each season with my family is so precious and that's why it's so important to me to capture the beauty of that time so we always remember who we were together then. 

And that's why I am so passionate about creating photos that reflect your personality & Relationship 

So you always have those photos to look back on and say "Wow! Remember how we started?".  As time passes, I want you to be more and more proud & excited to show your elegant timeless wedding photos that capture your love story to  your children and even grandchildren!!  So they know their legacy was built on love.


miles I run every week


Weddings I take a year


Photos i take per wedding


Years married to my hubby



Working out! I wakeup and workout at 5:30am everyday. I typically run two miles and do a weight strengthening/HIIT workout.

I HAVE to have some form of chocolate everyday!

I enjoy cooking! I usually make 3-4 homemade meals a week!

Family & Marriage is everything! I am a firm believer in spending lots of quality time with the ones we love most!

While I edit I have to be watching some form of a show or movie. Due to that I have watched almost everything it feels like